Student Parking Information

  • ATTENTION Juniors:  


    Juniors are not guaranteed parking on campus.  If a junior does get parking in the fall, they are not guaranteed parking in the spring. Parking availability for juniors is based on a per semester basis.


    If you would like to receive a parking spot for fall semester, you must 

    follow the instructions below precisely 

    STEP I:(completed on-line) 

    On the afternoon of August 4th a google doc link will go up on the Student Parking web page (under Related Links). Complete all information on the Google Doc. If you are missing information, you will not be assigned a parking space. 

    The deadline for completing Part I is August 8th at 12:00AM. If more juniors apply for parking than available spots a lottery system will be utilized to select winners.  Winners will be notified on Monday 8/9 using their CCSD email address.   


    The following steps should only be completed once a student is notified; they will receive parking.


    STEP II: Print and complete the following forms (links under Related Files) 

    • Parking Procedures
    • Parking Application
    • Parking Contract
    • Tardy and Truancy Form

    STEP III: Application processing, payment, decal pick-up: 

    Parking decals will be given out during lunch on August 11th and August 12th. Bring all COMPLETED documents from STEP II, along with a photocopy of your valid Georgia Driver’s license and a photocopy of current insurance card.  You can pay ahead of time with MyPaymentsPlus.     

    Parking decals will only be given out during this time and only if all documents are completed appropriately. Decals not given out during this time may be picked up from Dr. Milton during posted office hours. 


    • Requests for specific spaces or lots will not be honored.
    • All outstanding fines must be cleared before a decal will be issued.
    • Juniors are eligible for parking either fall or spring semester—but those who receive parking in the fall will be moved to the bottom of the list in the spring.  
    • Student must have a valid GA driver’s license and tag (learners permits are NOT acceptable), along with proof of insurance. 

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