Social Studies National Honor Society


    Requirements for Rho Kappa Membership

    1. An applicant must have attended Walton for at least one semester before beginning membership.
    2. An applicant must have completed at least two core classes in the field of social studies and must be prepared to complete at least three core social studies courses during high school.
    3. For his or her social studies courses, the applicant must have a minimum unweighted GPA of 3.00.
    4. An applicant must have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.50, although exceptions can be made for applicants who have been heavily involved in extracurricular activities. If this applies to you, attach an explanation of your extracurricular activities to your application.

    The Social Studies National Honor Society is an organization at Walton that strives to blend passions for social studies with leadership to better the community and develop skills that may aid members and the students we mentor with their future careers. As an honor society, we are determined to use the diverse interests that our members have for the different aspects of the broad social studies field to help enrich and diversify the Walton community. In any given year, our activities include managing free peer-tutoring services, organizing letter-writing campaigns to military and political officials, bringing in guest speakers from riveting professional fields, etc. While we would typically induct members for the 2020-21 school year this spring, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has significantly hampered our recruitment process, and in an effort to ease the stress of these unforeseen circumstances on our students, we have decided to extend our membership application deadline to Sunday, August 16. If you wish to be considered for membership, please complete the application form at and drop it off at Mr. Keller's Room 215 at the start of the next school year, or email it to anytime before the deadline. Feel free to direct any relevant questions to, and we hope to review your application for membership for 2020-21.