• Current Student Transcript Requests-

    You may submit a transcript request in the Records Room for a fee of $2 per transcript.  If you are a current student applying to college, you will also need to fill out your Transcript Request Card and add the college into your Naviance account. Please see the Senior PowerPoint posted on the School Counseling page, under “Departments” for more details on the college application process. 


    Graduate Transcript Requests-

    Are you a former Cobb student in need of student records?

    Student records are held at the last school attended for approximately two (2) years before they are sent to the Records Center for retention. The Records Center, located at 6975 Cobb International Blvd. in Kennesaw, maintains records, including transcripts, of students who have graduated or withdrawn from the Cobb County School District. Students must be 18 years of age or older to obtain records; Parents/Guardians may obtain or authorize the release of records for students under the age of 18.