(16+ - no permit is needed)

    Students: You MUST follow these directions to get a Georgia Work Permit

    Log onto the Georgia Department of Labor website – www.dol.georgia.gov

    STEP 1:

    Click on Individuals>Select Youth>Get a Youth Work Permit Online (middle of the page)

    Select the ‘Minor’ option on the online work permit system.

    *Enter the Social Security Number or Parent Alien Certification number, date of birth, and then select “Start New Permit”.

    *Enter name, address, parent’s name, etc. And select “Submit”.

    *Ensure all fields are correct and complete.  Select “Submit”.

    *Minor will receive a 10 character “Minor Security Key (MSK)”.

    STEP 2:

    Print the “Work Permit Minor Confirmation Page” with the MSK and submit to the potential employer to complete the Employer section online.

    STEP 3:

    Minor should take their certified birth certificate, picture ID and social security number to the Records Room where it will be processed.  After the issuing officer has certified the employment certificate online, he/she will print a completed copy from the system and present it to the minor.  The minor takes the computer generated copy to the employer.   Questions- email melissa.schrenk@cobbk12.org in the RECORDS ROOM.

    Allow for 24-48 hours processing time especially during the summer when the RECORDS ROOM is open on a limited schedule.