Bell Schedule

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    Walton HS – Bell Schedule

    Spring Semester 2021

    Please use the link to access the bell schedule for spring 2021 semester to school bell schedule 11.5.2020.docx








    Zero Period: 7:10-8:12am  (Monday - Thursday)

    1st period: 8:20-9:14am

    Advisement: 9:21-9:32am

    2nd period: 9:39-10:32 am

    3rd period: 10:39-11:31am

    4th period: 11:38-12:30pm

    5th period: 12:37-1:29pm

    6th period: 1:36-2:29pm

    7th period: 2:36-3:30pm


    WEB Schedule

    Zero Period: 7:10-8:12am

    1st period: 8:20-8:51am

    Advisement: 8:57-9:06am

    2nd period: 9:12-9:42am

    3rd period: 9:48-10:18am

    4th period: 10:24-10:54am

    5th period: 11:00-11:30am

    6th period: 11:36-12:06pm

    7th period: 12:12-12:42pm