• Welcome back Walton students & parents!

    Here are a few reminders of the CCSD policies for the clinic that will ensure a safe and healthy school year for our students.

    I have tried to make this list brief but with enough information to reduce the number of phone calls you receive from the school and the trips you make to the school!  😊


    *Prescription medication is NOT to be carried by students at any time. The only exceptions are diabetic, asthma, or allergic reaction medications. *If your student has need of these medications, please notify Nurse Sandy at sandra.evans@cobbk12.org.


    *If your child needs prescription medicine during the school day (a one-time dose OR daily) please contact the nurse via email as above or at 770-578-3225 x042; *please note: a parent {or designee} must bring the medicine to the school in the original pharmacy labeled container.

    **Parent volunteers and student aides may NOT accept or deliver any medication to students at school.


    Important**Over-the counter medicine (OTC), for example: Ibuprofen, Tylenol, & cough drops may be carried by high school students without an authorization form. *The clinic does not keep a supply of OTC medications. The OTC medicine carried by a student must be in the original container. DO NOT bring OTC medicine in a zip lock bag. This should be a small personal supply of medicine and may not be shared with other students. All medication must be supplied by a parent.

    *Feminine products are available if needed:  pads only, no tampons.

    *Please encourage your student to always carry a refillable water bottle and a snack(s) each day to school. **I see many students with illness symptoms that are due to either dehydration, hunger, or both. There is enough time between classes for them to eat a quick snack and drink water before each class to maintain hydration & nutrition.

    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Sandy Evans, BSN, RN

    School Nurse

    Walton High School

    Clinic Hours 8:30-3:30

    770-578-3225  x042