• Walton High School Honor Code

    Academic Integrity

    The faculty and students at Walton High School honor academic and personal integrity. We believe that every student has the right to learn in an environment free from academic dishonesty. Everyone has the duty to display honesty, integrity, respect, and responsibility, as these characteristics are essential in achieving and sustaining academic excellence. Academic integrity is expected on classroom assignments as well as on summer or supplemental assignments.

    Cheating at Walton includes but is not limited to the following activities:

    • Copying another person’s homework or allowing another person to copy your work
    • Looking at and/or copying information from another student’s test/exam/quiz/essay
    • Having another person (parent, older sibling, friend, tutor, etc.) complete an assignment or any part of an assignment for you under any circumstances
    • Sharing assignment or assessment information with other students who have not yet taken the assessment
    • Stealing exams, quizzes, or other assignments from a teacher or classroom either physically or electronically
    • Using stolen tests, materials, etc.
    • Submitting a graded or ungraded assignment composed by another person or AI generated at any point in time
    • Unauthorized use of study aides, notes, books, data, apps, computer programs, AI, etc. on an assignment
    • Sabotaging another student’s work
    • Possessing any teacher grading key or teacher text/manual at any time
    • Unauthorized use of electronics during assessments
    • Any type of communication with another student during an assessment period
    • Communicating with another student after completing an assessment while the assessment is being completed by other students in the classroom.
    • Failure to report advance knowledge of an assessment or answer key in a timely manner to a faculty member.
    • Plagiarism – Plagiarism is the use of passages, materials, words, and/or ideas that come from someone else without properly naming the source. Examples include, but are not limited to:
      • Copying someone else’s assignment
      • Copying text or other materials from the Internet or other source without citing them (e.g. PLTW assignments, research papers, essays, etc.)
      • Paraphrasing items from a book or article without citing them
      • Using translation software to translate sentences or passages
      • Using the same sentence structure or thesis as another source without citing it
      • If someone or something else has done the work (or any portion of it) for you and you do not acknowledge it, you are being academically dishonest.
      • Using AI to produce or complete graded or ungraded assignments or assessments

     Consequences of Academic Dishonesty:

    Consequences for academic dishonesty on homework/classroom assignments are applied at the teacher level. Assignments will receive a grade of zero and a change in conduct grade for the semester. For all other occurrences of academic dishonesty, students will be referred to the appropriate administrator and given a consequence according to the guidelines set below. 

    Type of Infraction


    Minor Infraction:

    Copying another person’s homework/classwork or allowing another person to copy homework

    • Student receives a zero on the assignment
    • N in conduct for that class that semester
    • Teacher will contact parent


    Major Infraction:

    2nd Minor Infraction in same class OR Any other act of academic dishonesty or violation of Walton Honor Code

    • Student receives a zero on the assignment
    • Loss of final exam exemption for that class for that semester
    • U in conduct for that class that semester
    • Administrative Referral Form
    • Other consequences may be applied in accordance to Cobb County and/or state policy
    • Legal actions may be taken if warranted

    Academic dishonesty may result in the permanent removal or ineligibility from honor societies as well as other leadership positions in extracurricular activities, clubs and student government at the club sponsor’s discretion. Academic dishonesty infractions are cumulative. Increased penalties apply.