Community Service Hours Submission

  • All volunteer hours will now be recorded and electronically submitted through student's Naviance accounts.  See the powerpoint below for step by step instructions.

    Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting volunteer hours.

    The verifier cannot be a relative or another student.

    Volunteer Center Reminders

    • Volunteer hours for the same activity should be submitted as a grand total.
    • Submissions not in the proper format will not be considered.    
    • Hours should be in decimal format to the closest quarter hour.  If you volunteered 2 hours and 15 minutes, you should submit 2.25.  Do not include any words!
    • Volunteers Hours can only be submitted for the current school year. 

    • Hours completed after May 30, 2016 will be turned in for the 2016-2017 school year.  

    • 180 hours must be completed and verified by spring break of your senior year in order to earn volunteer hour cords.


    Community service is NOT a requirement at Walton High School but is strongly encouraged.

    Walton High School Volunteer Center


    The mission of the Volunteer Center is to encourage and recognize student involvement in activities which benefit the community.  The student must NOT be compensated with any financial or material reward. 


    Community Service Definition


    Service is defined as any work a student performs which benefits the community (school, community, and/or religion) for which there is not compensation.

     NOTE: As of April 1, 2008, a student can receive credit for a church/synagogue activity, which benefits the entire community such as grounds clean up or food/clothing drive.


    What are Acceptable Projects?


    Acceptable projects for which a student can receive volunteer hours will include the following:


    1.       Projects which are sponsored by a Walton Club or Organization. 


    2.       Projects which are NOT sponsored by a Walton club/organization that follow the guidelines listed below. 





    Volunteering with any agency, non-profit group, hospital, church (see note above), student organization, civic group, community organization, etc.

    Service for which you receive course credit, such as internships or class assignments, unless you work more hours than required.

    Time that you spend planning or organizing a service event.

    Participating in “drives” where you drop off items for a collection.

    Meeting that you attend in order to plan or organize a service event, learn about service opportunities, or learn community leadership skills.

    Participation in a school event or activity, such as rehearsing for performances, etc.

    Mission or work trips with your church or a community group.

    Time at conventions, mission or work trips, when your are sleeping, attending social functions, eating, etc.

    Service projects of school clubs, organizations, and teams.

    Court mandated community service or service mandated for a school disciplinary referral.

    Time that you spend planning for drives and fund-raising activities for charities such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, etc.

    Paid work of any kind or work for which you receive any kind of compensation.

    Time that your spend helping an elderly neighbor or babysitting for a young family, if you don’t get paid in ANY WAY (Relatives don’t count!)




    SENIORS: Required hours for service cords and submission date:  180 hours submitted to Volunteer Center by the Friday before Spring Break of the senior year.


    Hours must be submitted within the school year in which they are earned.


    How do you record hours with the Volunteer Center? 

    Once you have determined that your project meets the acceptable guidelines you should log into your Naviance account to access x2Vol and make your submission.  Please see the powerpoint tutorial below for details.


    Questions?  Email Mrs. Lenenski at

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