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    Walton Volunteer Service

    Recognition Program




    The Walton Volunteer Service Recognition Program is an optional program. Walton students are not required to participate in volunteer service activities; however, students are strongly encouraged to participate in some form of extra-curricular activity.  Colleges like to see how students spend their time outside of the classroom.  Participation in athletics, clubs, music, drama, taking care of siblings or helping at home, work, or volunteer service are some of the ways that students can demonstrate community involvement, leadership, and contribution to family, school, or general community.

    Walton students interested in performing volunteer service, may use MobileServe (an online tracking system) to:

    • Track the amount of service hours they have performed so they can include this information on their college and scholarship applications. [This information is usually self-reported on college applications. Walton does not send this information to colleges.]
    • Track service hours for credit toward the Walton volunteer service recognition program (see details below)

    Volunteer Service Recognition Program Requirements:

    Students meeting the program requirements will receive a service honor cord to wear at graduation. Not all service hours can be counted for credit toward the graduation service cord.  Service hours must meet the eligibility requirements listed below:

    • 180 hours of approved volunteer service


    • Hours must be tracked using MobileServe and submitted in the school year in which they were performed by the annual spring deadline


    • Service hours must be verified electronically through MobileServe by an adult (not a parent or student)


    • Service hours must meet the guidelines for community service as defined below




    Community Service Guidelines:

    Service is defined as any work a student performs which benefits a community (school, community, and/or religious organization) for which there is no compensation.




    Time spent on service projects which are sponsored by a Walton club, organization, or team that benefit the school or community. 

    Service for which you receive course credit, such as internships or class assignments, unless you volunteer more hours than required.

    Time spent on service projects for any agency, non-profit group, hospital, church (or other religious organization), student organization, civic group, or community organization, etc. (where the community benefits).

    Time spent shadowing a professional in which you are just observing (you may only count the time you spend engaged in an activity which helps the professional or organization). Time spent doing activities or working (even if unpaid) at a family business does not count.

    Time you spend planning or organizing a service event.

    Participation in a school event or activity, such as rehearsing for performances, etc.

    Meeting that you attend in order to plan or organize a service event, learn about service opportunities, or learn community leadership skills that are outside the normal monthly meeting of the club or organization.

    Meetings that are celebrations (end of year parties, kick off celebrations), unless the celebration is being held as a philanthropic event to benefit others and you are helping to put on the event.

    Time that you spend planning for drives and fund-raising activities for charities such as the United Way, American Cancer Society, etc. and time that you spend collecting, sorting, or distributing items to a community organization.

    Purchasing or donating items for a drive or collection. You may not exchange items donated for service hours.

    Time that you spend actively volunteering at a convention, mission or church service trip.  (not including travel time). Students may not claim more than 16 hours in one day.

    Time at conventions, mission, or church work trips when you are sleeping, attending social functions, eating, etc.  Paid work of any kind or work for which you receive any kind of compensation.

    Time that you spend helping an elderly neighbor or babysitting for a young family, if you don’t get paid in ANY WAY (Relatives don’t count!).

     Court mandated community service or service mandated for a school disciplinary referral. Time spent watching siblings or helping family.

    Active time spent working on service projects.  All service projects are subject to a maximum credit of 16 hours per day for any one event.

    The time you are responsible for someone’s pet but are sleeping, at school, watching TV, or otherwise not actively engaged in caring for the pet.


    Travel time to and from volunteer activities.


    Hosting a foreign exchange student.


    Service hours completed before the first day of school as a freshman at Walton.




    Updated Tax Filing Deadlines



    Deadlines for the 2023-2024 School Year:




    Seniors:  Service hours must be submitted by April 15, 2024.  Service hours must be verified by May 15, 2024.


    Juniors & Sophomores:  Services hours must be submitted by May 15, 2024.


    Freshmen: Service hours must be submitted by May 15, 2024.  Service hours performed before August 1, 2023, cannot be approved for credit toward the service cord.




    Transfer Students

    Students who earned service hours at their previous school may submit those hours provided they have written verification and the service hours meet the Walton community service guidelines outlined above.  Students must submit those hours during their first school year at Walton (by the school year deadline) in order to be considered for credit toward the graduation service cord.

    Students may not submit any service hours earned prior to the start of 9th grade.  Email for help with submitting transferred service hours.


          Frequently Asked Questions: 

    How do I create a MobileServe account?

    Students will need to create a new account on MobileServe for the 2023-24 school year. Please click here for step by step directions on creating an account and remember to use a personal email address.

    Getting Started

    MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the App store and Google Play and can be used on most smart phones and tablets. If you’d rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device at: Simply skip the download instructions below and start with Create Your Account.

    Download the App

    1. Go to the App Store or Google Play.
    2. Search “MobileServe”.
    3. Tap the Get or Install button next to MobileServe App.

    Create Your Account

    1. Open the app or go to & select Sign Up.
    2. Students ID numbers are required. If you do not know your student ID#, please check your schedule for2 your ID #.
    3. Enter your name, birthday, and create a password. You can skip the Employer / Organization box.
    4. Select Next.
    5. Add an optional photo to your profile or skip.
    6. Select Next.
    7. Enter the 6-digit code corresponding to your group (see below).
    8. When it pops up, select Join.


    55E38D WHS- Class of 2024

    AA2682 WHS- Class of 2025

    058084 WHS- Class of 2026

    B3CA2B WHS- Class of 2027


    How do I complete and submit the service hour entries?

    Please view this short video on how to log service hours on MobileServe.

    After joining your organization(s), be sure to categorize your service log within the correct organization, or multiple organizations at once, by checking the box next to the org. name and selecting the correct service category.


    Once logged into MobileServe:

    • Click on Log Hours button
    • Click Log Service Hours & Location
      • Complete details on screen:
        • Date
        • Hours
        • Organization
        • Select Category- choose either Service to Community or Service to School
        • Complete the “Tell Your Story” Prompt- Include a summary of your volunteer activities
          • What did you do during this service opportunity?
          • How did it benefit your community or school?
          • What did you gain or learn from participating in this service opportunity?
          • If more than 16 hours are being claimed, please provide a date range for your service.         
      • Click Next:
        • Enter supervisor’s name
        • Enter supervisor’s email
          • Indicate the name of your supervisor (it must be an adult, not a parent or student) and include his/her email address Double check to make sure the email address listed is correct.
        • Attach a signature- (optional) sponsor will sign
        • Add photo- (optional)
    • Click Submit Hours


    What do I do if my hours are not getting approved in MobileServe?

    Please make sure that you have entered the correct email address for your supervisor.

    Supervisor emails may go to “SPAM” with some email systems.  If your supervisor is not responding, please send the supervisor an email to let him/her know that they should have received an email and it might get directed to their SPAM file.  Students are responsible for getting their hours verified.

    If you cannot get the hours verified after a second request, please email for help.

    What if I need to change the name/email of the supervisor?

    Students may edit an entry in their log at any time by going to their activity tab.

    When do my hours get approved?

    Once service hours are verified, they are eligible for review for approval. Service hours are reviewed in batches (starting with seniors, juniors, then sophomores, freshmen) and will be reviewed for approval in the semester in which they are verified.  Service hours verified during the summer are reviewed during the fall semester.  Due to the high volume of college application activity in the fall and early spring, it may take several weeks for hours to get reviewed for approval. 

    What if my hours are rejected?

    Service hours are being reviewed and approved for credit toward the volunteer service recognition program only (graduation service cord).  If your hours are rejected because they did not meet the criteria listed above (submission deadlines, community service does not meet guidelines, etc.), you still can (and should) self-report the service hours in your college applications (Walton does not send service transcripts to colleges).  A note of explanation is always included with the entry when a MobileServe submission is rejected.

    Additional questions: email




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