FAQ~15 Common questions asked by a Walton Freshman~

  • FAQ~15 Common questions asked by a Walton Freshman~


      The Walton Ambassadors will provide additional details at orientation.


    1. What time does school start?  First period begins at 8:20 a.m.  A warning bell rings two minutes before each class period.  You must arrive no later than 8:20 a.m. or you will be tardy.
    2. What do I bring the first day of school?  Each teacher will advise you during orientation what they expect you to bring.
    3. Can I prepay my lunch account like I did in Middle School?  Yes, bring a check to the cafeteria and the cashier will credit your account.  You may also use MealPay at www.MealpayPlus.com
    4. When will I eat lunch? Each student is assigned a lunch period either 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th period.  All students must report to the Dining Hall at this time.
    5. How much does lunch cost?  $3.50 for the value line.  There are also a la carte items available such as subs, soups, salad, french fires, chicken fingers, pizza, nachos, calzones, cookies, and ice cream.  The prices of these vary.
    6. Should I buy a student planner?  We will provide one for you at orientation.
    7. What is the Walton dress code?  The dress code is in the student agenda which you can also access on the Walton website. 
    8. Where do I catch the bus, and when will it pick me up?  All bus routes will be posted at orientation.  It is important to find your bus number, time that it will pick you up, and the slot number so you know where to find your bus at the end of the day. It is also available at www.cobbk12.org.
    9. How do I join a club?  We will have a club fair on the first WEB in August where you will have the opportunity to visit with different club members.
    10. How do I join a sports team?  Check the Walton website at www.waltonhigh.org for a complete list of sports.  Listen to the announcements regarding your sport or interest.
    11. Where do I go if I come to school late or need to leave early?  You need to report to the Attendance Office to handle these issues.  If you are leaving early, bring your note to the Attendance Office first thing in the morning and they will provide you an early dismissal note.  If you come in tardy, report to the Attendance Office whether or not you have an excused note to receive a tardy pass.
    12. Will I be issued a locker?  No, the new school does not have student lockers and is encouraging the use of online textbooks.
    13. How long are class periods and homeroom?  On a regular school day, classes are 54 minutes long. Homeroom does not meet everyday, instead meeting only on WEB or other announced school days.
    14. When can I park at school?  Parking decals are only available for eligible seniors. Space permitting, juniors may also be provided with an opportunity to park, either during the Fall or Spring semesters.
    15. Will I be given a student ID?  Student IDs will be generated by student photos taken on picture day.  Everyone is required to have a picture taken in order to get an ID.  Information about purchasing school pictures will be provided to students.