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  • Parking - Seniors


    The application process for Fall 2023 parking for Seniors will begin the week of July 10th, 2023, at 8:00 am when a Microsoft Forms application goes live on the Walton Student Parking website>Students>StudentParkingInfo (under Related Links). Students must be logged into their CCSD Microsoft 365 account to access the link. The link will also be sent to all Seniors on July 10th through their CCSD email addresses. Students should supply all information on the online registration form and follow additional instructions for completing forms, copies, and payment.


    The deadline for the online application is July 23rd at 11:00pm. There is no priority for assigning spaces given the order you complete the application. Individual requests cannot be honored. Students should pay for parking using MyPaymentsPlus. The parking cost is $50.00. Please remember that parking is for only one semester and students will sign up again in December for a spot second semester.


    I need to change the decal pick-up from July 26th to the 27th. Pick-up will still take place in the main gym. Times and alphabet pick-up by last names are below -

    3-4pm A - I

    4 - 5pm J - P

    5 - 6pm Q - Z

    See you on the 27th!


    Remember you cannot park on campus until your parking decal has been picked up and adhered to your windshield.


    Please read this: In order to pick up your decal on the assigned date, all paperwork, including copies of your license and insurance and receipt of payment, must be brought to the pickup location. You must make copies beforehand because a copier will not be available to use at school upon pick up and we cannot keep original copies of any document.


    The following information will need to be supplied on the Microsoft Forms document:

    · Student First Name

    · Student Last Name

    · Student ID

    · Grade

    · CCSD Email

    · Student Cell Phone Number

    · Parent Email

    · Vehicle Year

    · Vehicle Make and Model

    · Vehicle Color

    · Vehicle Tag Number

    Contact Dr. Brown ( with questions.



    Parking – Juniors


    First Semester

    Juniors will not sign up for parking spots until after school begins. Once all seniors have received their parking spots, then we will begin assigning Juniors their spots. A Microsoft Form link will be sent to Juniors after school begins asking each Junior, with a license, to fill out the required information. After signing up, Dr. Brown will contact these juniors about the paperwork drop off/decal pick up date and time.

    Second Semester

    Juniors who did not receive a spot the first semester will have priority to sign up for a spot second semester after the Senior class. Once the senior spots have been assigned and the juniors that did not get a spot in the first semester are assigned one, the remaining spots will be allocated using a lottery.


    Other important items for Juniors and Seniors:

    · You must have a valid license and insurance in order to sign up to receive a parking spot.

    · If you need another decal for another car for any reason, you must fill out the first page of the parking application with the updated vehicle information and bring in $5 to Dr. Brown. A replacement decal will then be issued.

    · All decals must be adhered to the windshield. They cannot be laying on the dashboard. If so, you will receive a ticket.

    · Remember, that we will not have a copy machine available to use, so make sure you have copies of your driver’s license and insurance along with the other documents on the checklist.

    · The paperwork has several places where you (the student) and your parent/guardian must sign and initial.

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