Student Parking Information

  • Senior parking decal pick up for Spring 2024 semester:

    The Microsoft form below will be open from December 4 – December 12th. Please fill out all the appropriate information.

    Decal pick up will be outside of the Dining Hall on December 14th and 15th beginning after final exams end.

    All parking documents can be found on – students – student parking information – scroll all the way down under ‘related docs’.

    Please read this: In order to pick up your decal on the assigned date, all paperwork, including copies of your license and insurance and receipt of payment, must be brought to the pickup location. You must make copies beforehand because a copier will not be available to use at school upon pick up and we cannot keep original copies of any document.


    • You must have a valid license and insurance in order to sign up to receive a parking spot.
    • If you need another decal for another car for any reason, you must fill out the first page of the parking application with the updated vehicle information and bring in $5 to Dr. Brown. A replacement decal will then be issued. If you have to drive another car for a short period of time, then please place a note on the dashboard stating who you are, your space number, and the reason your car is not in its designated spot.
    • All decals must be adhered to the windshield!
    • If you receive a parking ticket then this will need to be paid in the front office immediately.
    • Remember, on decal pick-up day we will not have a copy machine available to use, so make sure you have copies of your driver’s license and insurance along with the other documents on the checklist.
    • The paperwork has several places where you (the student) and your parent/guardian must sign and initial.
    • B, C and D lots are Senior parking lots. I’m sorry if you do not like your parking space, but please do not ask to move/change it.


    **If you received a parking spot on campus from some type of auction event held by a school organization, you do not need to re-apply for parking. You will have the same spot 2nd semester.**

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