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Walton High School Math Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta

Walton High School Math Honor Society

Mu Alpha Theta is the National Math Honor Society intended to foster mathematical interest, promote enjoyment of mathematics, and provide an honor for those students studying higher mathematics.

Requirements for membership into Mu Alpha Theta:

  1. You must be a rising junior or rising senior
  2. You must currently be enrolled in a math class
  3. Rising juniors must be enrolled in AP Pre-Calculus AB/BC or higher for their junior year
  4. Rising seniors must be enrolled in Calculus AB/BC or higher their senior year and must have successfully completed Accelerated Pre-Calculus AB/BC.
  5. Members must maintain a 3.8 weighted math GPA (includes AP Statistics if taken) and 3.5 overall GPA
  6. Students must have academic integrity. Students may not join if they have a record of cheating or have violated the Walton honor code.
  7. Students must be of good character. Students may not join if they have an excessive disciplinary record and may be removed from the society if their record changes while a member.  This is at the discretion of the sponsor.
  8. All members will be required to document 4 total service hours with at least 2 hours of tutoring per semester. These hours can be earned through tutoring, volunteering at community events such as math team competitions, MAT events, and assisting math teachers around the classroom.

In addition, you must attend all Mu Alpha Theta meetings for full allotted time. If you have a conflict, you must fill out the Missed Meeting form before the beginning of the meeting. Meetings will typically be about once a month before WEB in the Media Center. Meetings are expected to run for around 10-15 minutes.  All meeting dates will be decided upon no later than the beginning of each semester.  If you miss a meeting for any reason, you should check your email for any information that you missed.

You will be put on probation for the next semester if:

  • You miss 2 or more meetings for any reason
  • You do not complete your 4 service hours plus any other added current semester hours (from not attending meetings…)
  • Your GPA falls below the requirement.  You will be put on probation until your grades improve (which will be decided with sponsor discretion).

If you are placed on probation for the following semester:

  • You will be required to attend the special probation meeting at the beginning of the semester
  • If you are on probation due to lack of service hours, then you will be required to finish out your service hours from previous semester before beginning your current service hours.
  • If you are on probation because of lack of meeting attendance, you will be removed from Mu Alpha Theta if you miss 1 meeting without filling out the Missed Meeting Form PRIOR to the meeting or if you miss more than 1 meeting for ANY reason.
  • If you do not complete ALL required hours 2 semesters in a row, you will be removed from the Mu Alpha Theta Honor Society.
  • Seniors who complete their required hours in the club and successfully meet all the society’s requirements will be awarded a Mu Alpha Theta cord for graduation.
  • Dues are $25/year. This fee includes membership into National Mu Alpha Theta, a membership certificate, a T-shirt, and occasional refreshments. Dues will be collected via MyPaymentsPlus after the application review process is complete.

To apply for membership, fill out the google forms application: by Midnight August 11, 2023.

Please direct all questions to Mrs. Foxhall in room 336.