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With spring comes a wide variety of standardized tests that Walton must administer.


Georgia Milestones End of Course Test (EOC)

Certain course require an EOC to measure the acquisition of content and process standards.  The Mathematics and English sections of the test are 85 minutes in length.  In order to accommodate this amount of time, as well as use of the limited amount of computers at school, we will be following a modified bell schedule from Monday, May 1st until Tuesday, May 16th.  While not every class will meet every day, students will receive equal instruction time over a two day period.  The tests will be given:

May 1/2: Algebra I, Geometry, U.S. History 

May 3/4/5: 9th Literature

May 8/9/10: American Literature

May 11/12: Economics

May 15/16: Biology, Physical Science


Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement tests will be given from Monday, May 1, through Friday, May 12, and will follow the schedule designed by the College Board.  Click here for a full schedule:  https://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ap/about/dates

Students who are taking a morning exam must arrive by 7:30 a.m. Please note the busses do not arrive in time to begin the exam.  Students must arrive at 11:30 for the afternoon exam. The length of the exams varies from 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Exams are not always finished by the time the busses run in the afternoon.

 Students will receive detailed information regarding locations of exams.