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Parents and students,


As you know College Board will be administering all AP exams on-line this year. Without duplicating information coming directly to students from the College Board, this message serves to provide our Walton students and families with some reminders, deadlines and resources to navigate the upcoming AP exam. Please carefully review this document! If you then have further questions or concerns, contact Walton’s AP Coordinator Pam LaVangie at

  • AP Exams will be given May 11th-May 22nd and makeup exams scheduled June 1st -5th (click here for complete exam schedules and more detailed information:
    • On-line AP exams require that students have a working email address listed in their College Board account profile. We have noticed that many students have listed a school email address, which is not a functioning email account. The school cannot update a student’s College Board profile, so it is CRITICAL that students check the email address listed in their College Board account ASAP (login to their MyAP account—click on their name>account settings>check email adress>scroll down to click Update!)
      • Students should be checking their email for important information from the College Board and will ultimately receive exam access via that email account.


  • We firmly believe that our students are well prepared for success on these AP exams, therefore, Walton’s policy of requiring students to complete the AP exam is still in effect. If a student does not take the AP exam, their transcript will be changed to reflect an honors or on-level course name and GPA weighting (will impact overall GPA and Hope scholarship GPA calculation).
  • The May exam weeks were designed to have no exam conflicts, so students should review the schedule and make testing plans accordingly. Makeup testing should only be used when the student is unable to test on one or more of the May dates or has a technical difficulty on exam day. Students needing to test during the makeup exams must contact Ms. LaVangie for approval and should understand that if they encounter a problem on exam day, they will NOT have additional opportunities to test.
  • We understand that some of our students and families are facing unique stressors right now.
    • Families needing financial assistance for AP exams may be eligible for exam fee reductions/refunds after qualifying for CCSD’s Free & Reduced lunch program. Note that approval may take several days, and refunds may not be processed until June. Click here for more information and application:
    • A student that has already decided to NOT take their AP exam can notify Ms. LaVangie and request a refund. Testing and refunds for AP exams will be reviewed and processed through the end of June.
  • Important deadlines:
    • April 18th: Any students in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, or AP Art & Design wishing to make changes in their exam or portfolio choices must contact Ms. LaVangie to update their order.
    • April 24th: students needing technology assistance for taking AP exams should contact the College Board (
    • June 20th: Free AP exam Score Reports—deadline for students to specify where to send their one free score report through their College Board account.
  • Exam Security: The AP exam questions and format have been designed to detect any attempts at cheating (click here to read more about exam security from the College Board:

We would also remind students of the Walton Honor Code and our belief in our students’ integrity and character! Additionally, Walton teachers will receive copies of all student AP exams to review for unusual performance discrepancies.

  • SSD Accommodations: All exam accommodations previously approved through College Board Services for Students with Disabilities will be provided during on-line testing. More information will be forthcoming from the College Board.
  • AP Parent Webinar - Thursday, April 16th 7pm EST Help Your Student Prepare for AP Exams Webinar. Parents are invited to join a webinar hosted by Trevor Packer, head of the AP Program, to learn more about at-home testing, the exam schedule, and AP review classes. He'll interview an AP teacher about how to best prepare for exams and a representative from college admissions about how students can earn college credit and placement with exam scores. Registration link can be found here.
  • AP Student Supports—the College Board is offering multiple resources and supports for students including practice exams, webinars, along with on-line courses and instructional supports. Click here for more information: