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NHS Announcement for Junior class

Class of 2022 (Current Juniors)

Walton's chapter of National Honor Society is open for membership consideration for current 11th graders.

While you can't apply for membership (members are selected by the faculty of WHS), you CAN help us know enough about you so the Faculty can select students who best represent the character, scholarship, leadership, and service NHS is founded on.

Juniors interested in being considered for NHS should:

  • Be scheduled to take most of your 12th grade courses on Walton's campus during the 2021-2022 school year
  • Check your GPA (eligible students must have a 3.80 or higher GPA at the end of Fall 2020 semester)
  • learn more about NHS and its requirements for membership during your senior year (visit the NHS webpage at and look for the PowerPoint link for Juniors)
  • Download and complete the "Activity Form for Interested Juniors" at the bottom of the page
  • Mail or return the completed form to Walton's campus (Attention: Dr. Edwards) by Monday, 5/3/21 at 3:30 pm*

*Late applications will be accepted will through mid-May, but the selection process will be completed before the end of the school year. If your Activity Form is not available when the selection begins, the Faculty Council will evaluate candidates on the limited information available to them.

Selected students' names will be listed in early June 2021 on the WHS webpage. Members will also be contacted via homeroom in August 2021. Those invited must ACCEPT the invitation and fulfill requirements to be recognized as NHS members at graduation in 2022.