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Zero Period 8th grader zero period for Chinese land Latin



Dear Parent or Guardian of Eighth Grade Student,


We are pleased to announce that the 8th Grade Extended Day Foreign Language Program will begin its twenty-seventh year this fall.  This year we will offer Latin I and Chinese I to Dodgen and Dickerson students. Highly motivated, self-directed students are invited to pursue and/or expand their study of foreign language by taking advantage of this opportunity at Walton High School


The class will begin Monday, August 8 and will meet Monday through Thursday each week. The Latin class will provide optional enrichment opportunities on Fridays.  Parents will be asked to drop off students at the front entrance to Walton and a Cobb County school bus will take the students to their middle school after class each day.


This is an academic course offering which requires the same attendance, daily application and completion of assigned work as any other academic high school course.  In accordance with Cobb County policies, students may not drop after the 10th day of class.  Students who successfully complete both semesters of the course will be awarded high school credit. 


Please note that there is no cost for this class.


What does my student need to consider before signing up for one of these classes?

  • Am I organized and motivated enough to take an extra academic class?
  • Can I behave in a mature manner?
  • Do I have other morning activities or responsibilities that prevent me from attending classes consistently?
  • Can I get to Walton and fully participate in class at 7:10 AM every Monday through Thursday?


Why should my student study a second or third foreign language?  According to NEA Research, second language study

  • benefits academic progress in other subjects.  Learning another language can enhance knowledge of English structure and vocabulary, as well as reinforcing the cores subject areas of reading, English language literacy, social studies and math.
  • narrows achievement gaps.  Foreign language learners consistently score higher than their non-language-learning peers in measures of English vocabulary, particularly when the language studied has Latin roots.
  • benefits basic skills development.  Mastering the vocabulary of a second language enhances student comprehension and abilities in reading, writing, mathematics and other subjects.
  • fosters the development of verbal and spatial abilities.
  • benefits higher order, abstract and creative thinking.
  • enriches and enhances cognitive development.  Language learners show greater cognitive flexibility, better problem solving and higher order thinking skills.
  • improves listening skills and sharpens memory.
  • helps students score higher on standardized tests. 
  • promotes cultural awareness and competency.
  • improves chances of college acceptance, achievement and attainment.
  • enhances career opportunities.
  • benefits understanding and security in community and society.
  • breaks down cultural barriers.


The list of benefits could go on and on………..







Frequently Asked Questions about 8th Grade Chinese I and Latin I


  1. Do the students who complete this class receive high school credit? 

Yes, students successfully completing the entire year of Chinese I or Latin I will receive one unit of  high school credit, just as they do for Spanish I or French I.  The grade earned will be listed on the high school transcript but will not be calculated as part of the student’s grade point average.  This is the Cobb County School District policy for all high school courses completed in middle school.


  1. Does this class meet all year or just fall semester?

It meets both fall and spring semesters and students must successfully complete both semesters to receive high school credit.


  1. Will there be anyone at Walton to meet the students at Walton?

       Yes, parents should drop off their students at the front entrance at Walton.  Class begins

       promptly at 7:10, so students should be at Walton by 7:00 AM to allow them time to

get to their class.  Student assistants will be out front and in the lobby to meet the students the first week that we return and help them get to class.


  1. Will the teachers escort the students to the buses?

Yes, Ms. Cook and Mr. Farnsworth will walk the students to the buses at the end 

of class every day. One bus will take students to Dodgen and another bus will take students to

Dickerson at 8:15a.m.  Students MUST ride the bus to their middle school.  They may not walk.


  1. Can Dodgen 8th graders zoned for Pope High School enroll in the class?

Yes, this program is open to all 8th grade students who attend Dickerson and Dodgen Middle Schools.  For those students who will be attending Pope High School, there is no Latin or Chinese program at Pope right now, but they can certainly take Latin I or Chinese I this year at Walton and receive one unit of high school credit upon successful completion of the class.


  1. Will students miss work on Friday?

No, we will meet 7:10 - 8:15 on Monday through Thursday every week.  We will not have required class on Friday so students have the opportunity for make-ups, extra help, club meetings, etc. at their middle schools.  For those interested, however, there will be additional optional Latin enrichment on Fridays, including Certamen (Latin Academic Bowl) which is very popular and at which the students who take Mr. Farnsworth’s Latin class typically excel (all three levels of certamen teams won state championships this year and the Latin I novice level team, made up of 8th grade students, has won 7 straight state championships).


Students who have taken advantage of this opportunity in the past report a feeling of accomplishment and the desire to further their language studies as part of a well-rounded high school experience.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alan Farnsworth at about Latin or Rachel Cook at about Chinese.


Latin promo video:

Chinese promo video:


Should you wish to enroll your child in the program, please complete and submit the application at by August 7, or you may find the link on the main page at







Rachel Cook                                                                      Alan Farnsworth

World Languages Department                                          George Walton Comprehensive High School